BOINC AI relaunches its ultra-high-performance Layer 1 test network, BOBCHAIN, and its official website for mining machine sales

How to make AI link blockchain, BOINC AI is the first leader in the world to try, and its team first proposed L1 layer network + ultra-high performance server solution in pursuit of the AI blockchain system with the highest TPS in history, pointing at Solona and Ether.

BOBCHAIN’s test network reaches 5,000 TPS per second with its unique POA+POVC proof, which is dedicated to solving some of the financing and arithmetic problems of small and medium-sized AI companies, as well as promoting AI tools to help smart contract developers reduce their development costs.STO tokens issued by AI companies through BOBCHAIN will be regularly available on the BOBCHAIN platform to receive financing and community arithmetic supply from miners, who will receive shares of excellent AI companies. Traditional blockchain developers, who will receive free credits for code AI tools and cloud computing when they join BOBCHAIN, will greatly reduce the cost problem for small and medium-sized blockchain team developers. Its originating token BOB will be dedicated to serve as the fuel of it and serve the majority of applied AI companies’ payments.

The BOINC AI team has released its N1 series of services, which cost $3,000 in hardware and sells for $6,000, and 1,000 servers have now been reserved, with each machine integrating IPFS and ZK machine identifiers to ensure network stability. The team said that these particular servers are equipped with the BOBCHAIN L1 layer network, and when the nodes reach 10,000, the theoretical TPS will exceed 100,000 per second. And miners buy miners not only to mine, but more importantly, have great rights, only the miner group can vote and invest in the community.

Among them, the BOINC AI team has also set up a model company SUPER AI in Silicon Valley, and in the case that the arithmetic network cannot be rented out, all the arithmetic will be prioritised to serve SUPER AI, and the miners can then hold the shares of this AI company.

On the blockchain side, the BOINC AI team hopes to build the highest TPS public chain system in history, and on the AI side, BOINC AI hopes to build a traditional equity company with a combination of cloud computing and AI models.

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