WAET: AET Chain’s Strategic Layout and Innovation in the RWA Track


In today’s rapidly evolving digital economy, the AET ecosystem, with its unique innovative capabilities and broad application scenarios, is gradually becoming a leader in the global digital asset market. The AET ecosystem is composed of a public chain, a digital wallet, and an AI digital human platform. These components synergistically create a dynamic and innovative digital world. By continuously advancing technological innovation and strategic layouts, the AET ecosystem plays a pivotal role in driving the global digital economy’s transformation.

Real World Asset Tokenization (RWA) is emerging as a new hotspot in the crypto world. RWA converts real-world assets into digital assets, allowing crypto capital to capture real commercial opportunities while providing real assets with instant liquidity in the crypto world. According to Boston Consulting Group, the tokenized asset market could surge to $16 trillion by 2030. Citi predicts that by 2030, there will be $4 to $5 trillion in tokenized digital securities. RWA not only encompasses stablecoins but also includes U.S. Treasury bonds, the U.S. dollar, bonds, and compliant stablecoins, showcasing its vast market prospects and development potential.

Against this backdrop, the AET ecosystem has launched its significant initiative in the RWA track—the WAET token. As AET Chain’s first RWA protocol token, WAET represents AET’s strategic expansion into this emerging field and demonstrates its leadership in promoting digital asset management and innovation. Through WAET, the AET ecosystem further enhances its influence and competitiveness in the digital economy.

  1. Market Prospects and Potential of the RWA Track

RWA (Real World Asset Tokenization) is rapidly becoming a hot topic in the fintech sector. By converting real-world assets into digital assets, RWA builds a bridge between traditional finance and crypto assets, offering numerous advantages and opportunities for both sectors, such as:

  • Capturing Commercial Opportunities for Crypto Capital: RWA enables crypto capital to enter the traditional financial realm, allowing it to capture a wider range of commercial opportunities. By tokenizing real-world assets, investors can diversify their portfolios to include a broader array of asset classes such as bonds, real estate, and gold, thereby achieving more extensive asset allocation.
  • Providing Instant Liquidity: Traditional assets often face liquidity challenges. Through tokenization, these assets can achieve instant liquidity in the crypto market. Investors can buy and sell more flexibly, improving capital efficiency and reducing holding costs.

According to Defillama, the total value locked (TVL) in the RWA track has already reached over $4 billion, ranking tenth among all track categories. In the past year alone, the TVL of the RWA track has grown nearly sixfold. This remarkable growth rate indicates that RWA is rapidly attracting market attention and capital investment, suggesting that many more 100x or 1000x projects will emerge in this field in the future.

These market data and forecasts clearly demonstrate the enormous potential and vast prospects of the RWA track. As AET Chain’s significant initiative in the RWA track, the WAET token will play a crucial role in this opportunity-rich market, driving further development of the AET ecosystem.

  1. The Core Role of WAET in the AET Ecosystem

As the first protocol token in the RWA track by AET Chain, WAET plays a crucial role in the AET ecosystem. Its unique features and mechanisms not only drive the overall development of the AET ecosystem but also offer multiple value-added opportunities for users.

  • What is WAET?

WAET is the first protocol token introduced by AET Chain in the realm of Real World Asset Tokenization (RWA). It aims to tokenize premium assets from nodes within the AET World using blockchain technology, enabling blockchain users to invest and trade more conveniently. This initiative not only enhances AET Chain’s market influence but also demonstrates its leadership in digital asset management and innovation.

  • WAET’s Issuance Mechanism

The issuance mechanism of WAET is meticulously designed to ensure its long-term value and market stability:

Initial Circulation: 10% of WAET (1,000 tokens) will be part of the initial circulation, paired with AET equivalent to 50,000 USDT to form the genesis liquidity pool. This pool is fully audited and open-source, ensuring transparency and security, providing a strong foundation of trust for investors.

Mining Pool Allocation: The remaining 90% of WAET (9,000 tokens) will be allocated to the mining pool, which users can earn by staking AET alone or by adding liquidity to the AET+WAET LP pool. WAET will be released daily based on computing power:

  • 15% (1,500 tokens) for AET staking pool rewards
  • 75% (7,500 tokens) for AET+WAET liquidity LP pool rewards

The total issuance of WAET is limited to 10,000 tokens, with a low initial circulation, making it highly scarce and with significant appreciation potential. By staking WAET, users can not only increase AET’s liquidity but also promote AET’s burning, driving its market value upward. WAET holders can profit from price appreciation and use WAET to purchase AET World nodes, participating in network transaction dividends, achieving dual value enhancement.

  • WAET’s Deflationary Mechanism

To further enhance the value of WAET, a series of mandatory burning mechanisms are implemented. These mechanisms continuously reduce the circulating supply of WAET, increasing its scarcity and market value:

  • AET to USDT Conversion: When converting AET to USDT in AET World, 10% of the slippage is used to purchase WAET and burn it.
  • Ladder Trading Rewards: For AET produced as rewards from ladder trading in AET World, 10% of the handling fee upon withdrawal is used to purchase WAET and burn it.
  • Node Transactions: Transactions of AET World Nodes (nodes) are only supported using WAET, with 10% of the transaction fee used for mandatory burning.
  • Trading Slippage: A 3% slippage on both buying and selling WAET is used for mandatory burning.
  • WAET’s Release Mechanism

WAET utilizes an escrow contract to release tokens daily at one-thousandth of the mining pool, with 10% reduction every 30 days. This mechanism, similar to Bitcoin’s halving, gradually reduces the market supply of WAET, further increasing its scarcity and appreciation potential.

Through these innovative mechanisms, WAET not only provides multiple value-adding avenues within the AET ecosystem but also ensures stable long-term value growth. The introduction of WAET injects new vitality and momentum into the AET ecosystem, advancing AET’s strategic positioning in the RWA track and securing a more prominent role in the global digital economy.

III. Technological Innovation and Strategic Layout

AET Chain’s technological innovation and strategic layout in the RWA (Real World Asset) sector demonstrate its forward-thinking approach in digitizing real-world assets and integrating blockchain technology. Through continuous technological advancements and meticulous strategic planning, AET Chain not only fosters the development of its ecosystem but also injects new vitality and opportunities into the entire RWA sector.

  • Technological Innovation

AET Chain’s technological innovation began with the tokenization of premium node assets within AET World. This process enables efficient circulation and management of node assets on the blockchain, providing users with more flexible and convenient investment channels. It enhances the tradability of node assets and lays the foundation for building RWA financial infrastructure.

Moreover, AET Chain is committed to constructing a multi-chain liquidity capture mechanism to adapt to the current complex and dynamic blockchain ecosystem. This mechanism allows AET Chain to achieve efficient asset circulation and interoperability across multiple blockchain networks, offering users more diversified investment options and liquidity support. This innovation ensures that the AET ecosystem can capture more liquidity, consolidating its market-leading position.

  • Strategic Layout

AET Chain’s strategic layout in the RWA sector aims to drive the sustainable development of the entire ecosystem through innovative technology and strategic planning. The WAET RWA protocol enhances market liquidity and value by tokenizing real-world assets. Users can invest and trade on the blockchain through asset collateralization, thereby gaining mining pool incentives brought by liquidity.

The strategic layout of AET Chain also includes expanding its ecosystem globally, enhancing its competitiveness in the RWA sector through continuous technological innovation and market expansion. As the RWA market rapidly develops, AET Chain will continue to explore new technologies and application scenarios, further strengthening its market position.


  1. The Power of the Ecosystem: Synergistic Development of AET and WAET
  • Composition and Synergy of the AET Ecosystem

The AET ecosystem is composed of a public chain, a digital wallet, and an AI digital human platform. These components mutually reinforce each other, driving the overall development of the ecosystem. The AET public chain serves as the foundational infrastructure, ensuring the security and scalability of the entire system. The AET HD wallet offers convenient digital asset management and payment functionalities, while the AI digital human platform enhances user interaction experiences through intelligent services.

Within this ecosystem, WAET plays a crucial connecting role. As the first protocol token of AET Chain in the RWA (Real World Asset) sector, WAET not only facilitates the tokenization of node assets but also enhances the overall liquidity and investment value of the ecosystem through a multi-chain liquidity capture mechanism.

  • How WAET Enhances the Overall Value of AET Chain

The introduction of WAET significantly boosts user engagement and investment returns. Through staking mining and liquidity provision, users can earn stable returns, further increasing their confidence in the AET ecosystem. Additionally, the scarcity of WAET and its enforced burning mechanism ensure the stable growth of its long-term value.

These factors make the AET ecosystem more attractive and competitive in the market. As more users participate in WAET staking and trading, the overall value and market position of AET Chain are substantially elevated.

  1. Going Global: WAET Facilitates the International Expansion of the AET Ecosystem
  • Development Trends and Opportunities in the Global RWA Market

The global RWA market is rapidly emerging, drawing interest and attention from numerous traditional financial giants. Market forecasts by Boston Consulting Group and Citigroup indicate that the tokenized asset market will reach trillions of dollars by 2030. This trend offers expansive opportunities for the international development of AET Chain.

Through its global strategic layout, AET Chain actively expands into international markets, enhancing its influence in the RWA sector. Through technological innovation and market promotion, AET Chain aims to become a global leader in the RWA field.

  • WAET’s Competitive Advantages in Internationalization

As the core protocol token of AET Chain, WAET possesses significant competitive advantages for internationalization. Its decentralized design and multi-chain liquidity capture mechanism enable WAET to attract global users and investors. Additionally, WAET’s enforced burning mechanism and dual-token output model ensure the stable growth of its long-term value, further enhancing its market appeal.

By enabling seamless cross-chain asset flows, WAET not only increases the liquidity and market value of the AET ecosystem but also provides global users with more convenient and efficient investment channels. Looking ahead, as AET Chain continues to expand in the global market, WAET will play a vital role in helping the AET ecosystem achieve higher internationalization goals.



As the first protocol token of AET Chain in the RWA sector, WAET plays a critical role within the AET ecosystem, showcasing its vast potential in driving the digitization of real-world assets. Through a series of innovative mechanisms and strategic layouts, WAET successfully enhances the overall value and market competitiveness of AET Chain, boosting user engagement and investment returns.

Looking forward, AET Chain will continue to focus on technological innovation and market expansion, promoting the comprehensive development of the digital economy. By continuously optimizing and expanding its ecosystem, AET Chain will provide global users with richer and more convenient digital asset management and investment opportunities.


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