The All Universe Ecological Global Launch Conference concluded successfully

On May 10th, All Universe celebrated a historic moment. The conference, themed “Gathering Momentum for a New Voyage, Drawing blueprints of the future together” was grandly inaugurated in Kuala Lumpur. Initiated by the All Universe ecosystem, the event attracted hundreds of industry heavyweights, leaders, renowned investment institutions, international media, and many Web3 innovators and opinion leaders from around the world, all gathered to witness the grand voyage of All Universe.

During the afternoon session of the summit, All Universe captured the audience’s attention with its unique breakthrough innovations. Kelvin Khoo, APAC Director/CEO of All Universe and the Silicon Valley Apersky Foundation; JS Shen, Executive Director of All Universe; David Mitchell, Founder/Chairman of the Silicon Valley Apersky Foundation; and Dilhan Pillay, CEO of the Silicon Valley Apersky Foundation, successively deep-dived into All Universe’s grand blueprint from aspects like platform introduction, ecosystem layout, business cooperation, and future outlook.

As a deep cultivator in the realm of virtual and real economies, All Universe has always been committed to exploring the essence of business value, aiming to create market liquidity and profits through digital assets. The platform has already taken the lead in opening three major business applications: “DeFi/Blockchain Gaming, AI-driven Finance, and Agriculture.” The platform will gradually build a diversified commercial metaverse empire revolving around the “UNV” ecological token, employing a “coin-stock equal rights” capital operation model to achieve dual wins for coins and stocks, capital multiplication, and ultimately, the ambitious goal of listing on NASDAQ.

According to official personnel, All Universe will officially open globally on May 13, 2024, at 00:00 Beijing time, at which point players can enjoy industry dividends through the platform’s DeFi/Blockchain Gaming, AI-driven Finance, and Agriculture business applications. In the future, All Universe will also launch a series of new actions in ecological cooperation and global roadshows.

Additionally, the All Universe team shared the development journey and ecological data, and discussed in-depth the brand’s experience in the tobacco cultivation, traditional finance, and AI sectors within the real and crypto economy industries. The straightforward narrative style allowed attendees to clearly understand the glory of the All Universe ecosystem. In fact, the development history of All Universe globally is supported by data, with each major data disclosure representing the arduous efforts made by the fast-growing operational team. With major data points being collectively presented, the efforts of operational teams across regions have come to fruition, and today All Universe’s industry reputation and global influence are steadily increasing worldwide.


Through this summit, Web3 evangelists have also gained a deep understanding that All Universe not only showcases the advantages of its ecological and resource background but also heralds the golden age of the fusion of virtual and real economies. As the crypto and real economies merge, players are better positioned to capture vertical industry dividends, playing an increasingly important role in the future digital economy, with the All Universe team playing a significant part in this field. We believe that, with efforts from ecosystems like All Universe, empowering user needs and creating more value for investors will be the trend of the future industry.


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