FIFA-17: When football encounters Web3, it will collide with new passion and sparks

Hi, here we are again introducing the new “Unicorn” platform to everyone.

The FIFA-17 we are going to introduce this time is interesting and crazy. And it’s really comprehensive, covering all aspects of digital sports.

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Simply put, it is a Web3 sports track investment and financing aggregation club jointly established by FIFA Foundation, 17 Sport, and Dapper Labs, with football as the entry point. It has reached strategic cooperation with the top 50 football clubs and top teams worldwide, and together with fans, participates in team management and strategic decision-making through DAO voting to jointly operate and manage the sports investment and financing aggregation club.

Football is one of the most popular sports on Earth, and it is a huge community with billions of followers. But in the highly commercialized football world, countless clubs have been taken over (bankrupted) or sold their souls to wealthy investors – energy drinks, commercial oligarchs, or wealth funds. The result is that football has gradually moved away from sustainability, transparency, integrity, and those who keep it vibrant: its fans.

FIFA-17 is going to change all of this.

This is the second time I have seen sports fans wanting to acquire and operate teams through DAO. The last time I saw a friend wanting to buy an NBA team. It’s crazy and fun. Crazy return to madness, but my friends are doing very well, with a certain level of sophistication.

After looking at the situation of FIFA-17, I think his family’s execution is much higher.

Firstly, the Genesis team consists of FIFA Foundation, 17 Sport, and Dapper Labs.

The FIFA Foundation was founded in 2018 and is a related foundation of the International Football Federation. As an independent entity, its goal is to mobilize the positive forces of football to improve life. The core of FIFA Foundation activities is to address social issues that affect young people, empower women and girls to play football and fully unleash their potential, repair damaged or destroyed sports infrastructure, support education through football and football, and use some of the most famous and exquisite icons in games to convey positive messages to millions of people worldwide, creating a more inclusive world.

17 Sport was founded in 2020 and is the world’s first comprehensive company to build sports influence. The company is positioned at the intersection of sports, business, and society, providing strategic, collaborative, program implementation, and strategic services for transformational leaders in the global sports and business fields, committed to seeking a better tomorrow for humanity and the planet. The existence of 17 sports is to help businesses leverage the power of sports to build a more positive future for the world while achieving business goals. Its name is inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and is rooted in SDG 17 and our profound belief in the power of partnerships. Our global expert team is located in 7 different countries across 3 continents, consisting of individuals who have been at the forefront of sports and business revolution for the past 15 years.

Dapper Labs was founded in February 2018 with the aim of providing 1 billion users with a simpler and more fun way to understand the advantages of blockchain and experience decentralization. In just a few years, we have created the world’s first blockchain game, CryptoKitties, and the explosive NBA Top Shot, even exploring new models for commercialization in the NFT field. Dapper Labs, the NBA Top Shot developer, became the only Crypto company to be shortlisted and ranked first among the most innovative gaming companies in the world in 2022, according to the well-known cutting-edge business media magazine Fast Company. After completing last year’s financing, its valuation reached $7.6 billion, making it a truly global unicorn company.

The three core creation institutions have rich experience in sports organization, management, and science and technology, as well as abundant resources in sports, technology, capital, and other aspects, which can provide strong support for the development of FIFA-17.

At the same time, FIFA-17 has a vibrant and well-known team composed of continuous entrepreneurs, game players and producers, technology geeks, content creators, and professional athletes. They not only have strategic partnerships with multiple well-known teams and established sports enterprises worth billions of dollars, but also have established cooperative relationships with some famous ecosystem participants, investors, game studios, sports leagues, esports teams, and game guilds. They have also launched multiple well-known sports and entertainment ecosystems. The explosive popularity of NBA Top Shot has opened up a new model for commercialization in the NFT field. They stand at the top of the industry and have an extraordinary understanding and strategic planning ability in technology, market, capital, users, and industry. As think tanks, they are far ahead of all DAO organizations currently visible in terms of strategic layout, capital operation, market operation, industrial construction, and ecological construction. The excellence of the top-level architecture is fundamental to the leading industry of FIFA-17 and an irreplaceable unique advantage in its own genes.


Secondly, numerous alliance investment institutions.

With a solid operational foundation and promising development prospects, FIFA-17 has gained the favor of numerous sports companies and financial institutions such as CAA, Wasserman, LA84 Foundation, Lawrence World Sports, Big Brain Holdings, Jump Crypto, Impossible Finance, SnapFingers DAO, Protocol Ventures, Draper Associates, Blockchain Capital, BlockVC, etc. These institutions have provided $20 million in capital investment for FIFA-17.

Thirdly, top cooperative football clubs and ecological partners.

In order to better promote ecological development, let global fans and fans have a better understanding of the latest trends of football stars, and enable global users to better participate in sports related commercial products, FIFA-17 has reached strategic cooperation with the top 50 football clubs and top teams around the world, and has received strategic resource support from various institutions. It will provide fans with information about the World Cup and football stars, NFTs, and bring related dividends.

● Collaborative football clubs

● Ecological partners

Fourthly, it is their voting system.

FIFA-17 has a large fan base and places greater emphasis on the experience and rights of the fan base. Therefore, FIFA-17 will provide users with a unique fan voting system, in the form of FIFA token voting, allowing fans in sports fields such as football to have the right to “joint control” and participate in team management and strategic decision-making. Any league, team and event can achieve this mode through the application of blockchain. And fans can become opinion leaders for any competition project through the platform that uses FIFA payment. On the contrary, teams, leagues, and other various projects in the sports field can also achieve fan economy by giving fans certain decision-making power.

The introduction of fan voting systems has made fan users no longer just spectators on the field, but participants in team decision-making. Through voting, they can influence the team’s decisions and jointly create brilliance that belongs to the team.


Fifth and most importantly, their governance token FIFA.

FIFA-17 is not only a platform, but also a diverse experiential space created by the participation of fans, players, and creators. FIFA-17 opens the door to participation and creation for every user through carefully designed ecosystem mechanisms. In this unique ecosystem, FIFA tokens are the link that connects everything. By participating in platform activities, betting competitions, and creating digital football art, users will not only receive FIFA tokens, but also feel the rich benefits brought to them by the ecosystem.

Through FIFA tokens, users can participate in the following applications and enjoy the following benefits:

●FIFA is a platform governance token and a universal tool for users to participate in the ecosystem;

●Users can participate in various competitions by betting and earn a variety of betting profits through various gameplay methods;

●FIFA is used for voting, decision-making, rewards, etc. in the voting system. By participating in team decision-making, users can not only influence the development of the team, but also receive more token rewards, achieving participation as income;

●FIFA is used for star economy, and fans can receive economic benefits from the stars by supporting them with FIFA tokens;

●Users can purchase and exchange star cards with FIFA tokens to create unique digital collectibles and achieve free circulation of digital assets;

●Users can participate in sports and competitive games through FIFA tokens, and receive rewards by watching matches or joint betting;

●Users can purchase virtual tickets through FIFA tokens, interact with other fans, promote social interaction, and build a strong community.

A diversified token ecosystem design creates a fun, sustainable, and vibrant digital football experience for users. Tokens are not only digital currencies, but also the link between users and various aspects of the platform, jointly promoting the prosperity of the ecosystem.

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Of course, this is only a part. FIFA-17 also collaborates with numerous clubs to collect various sports information and events in a timely manner, providing users worldwide with comprehensive services such as football, basketball, tennis, and other sports event information from over 200 countries and regions, real-time scores, animated video live streaming, event data analysis, and team information.

At the same time, FIFA-17 will also gradually launch comprehensive participation plans such as sports guessing, FIFA Social, NFTs, digital humans, sports competitive games, VR/AR virtual stadiums, etc., allowing football enthusiasts to participate more comprehensively and experience the fun of digital football and digital sports. To learn more, it is necessary to pay more comprehensive attention to FIFA-17 and have a more comprehensive understanding of its related information.

It is said that FIFA-17 has not yet been fully launched and has attracted global media coverage, which is enough to prove its popularity. It is also possible to imagine the popularity of its comprehensive launch in the future.

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Not only that, the top KOLs covering a total of 2 million fans across the entire network have also expressed their recognition of FIFA-17 and have tweeted and called for FIFA-17.

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The launch of FIFA-17 is not only a digital football arena, but also an ecological experience jointly created by users. FIFA-17 not only focuses on the outcome of matches, but also pays attention to the gains and resonance of users in this digital football ecosystem. We can give more attention to FIFA-17, provide a more comprehensive experience of the transformation from audience to beneficiaries, decision-makers, and creators, share the new dividends of digital sports, and jointly create the future of digital football.


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