Bitkeep Multi-Chain Wallet and MetaHero Games have a strategic cooperation and jointly held a successful AMA event on May 13

On May 13th, MetaHero and the BitKeep community jointly held a huge AMA event. The event site was extremely popular, and community members from all over the world continued to pour in. It instantly surged to more than 3,000 community members. The number of community members is still growing. Bitkeep Multi-chain wallets continue to bring steady traffic growth to MetaHero, and the strategic cooperation between the two parties will be carried out for a long time to jointly achieve ecological prosperity.


Here are the details of this AMA event:

Admin: Hello fellow players of the MetaHero community! Our AMA event is about to start, please keep applauding William!

William: Hello everyone in the MetaHero community!

I’m the CEO of MetaHero, William.

It is a great honor to receive joint invitations from major guilds and the Bitkeep community. Today, I will share with you about MetaHero and Bitkeep. I hope we can all gain something from this happy moment. First allow me to introduce myself for Bitkeep wallet. As the largest decentralized multi-chain digital wallet in Asia, BitKeep integrates five functions of “Wallet, BitKeep Swap, NFT Market, DApp, and Discover”. Serving 5 million+ users around the world, covering 168 countries, BitKeep has partnered with the top 30 public chains in the world, such as Polygon, Solana, BSC, ETH, Heco, okchain, Tron, Fantom, Wax, IOST, AVAX, zkSync, Terra Luna, etc. Reach ecological cooperation and strategic cooperation and become an official certified wallet. With 50+ main chains, 10,000+ DAPPs, 1,000,000+ NFTs and 220,000+ asset currencies, it is committed to building the world’s largest decentralized Web3.0 portal.IMG_256

Admin: How to claim MetaHero and Bitkeep airdrops? When will it be issued?

William: I believe that everyone joined the group because of this airdrop event. Yes, the reward is very generous. The NFT airdrop worth up to 60,000 US dollars. I believe that everyone should have completed the task. We set up 4 simple events. The rules, as well as some bonus points conditions, you need to complete within the specified time. The airdrop rewards will be distributed 10 working days after the event ends. At that time, you can log in to your mailbox to check.IMG_256

Admin: How to create a BitKeep wallet? Do you have any tutorials you can offer to everyone?

William: If you are a crypto veteran, I believe you should have used MetaMask, Coinbase, Imtoken, TokenPocket and Bitkeep wallets. These are all decentralized wallets. The way to register a new wallet account here is the same, you can Try to complete the registration and transfer through the tutorial. If you are new to encryption, or have never used a decentralized wallet, I think Bitkeep wallet will be the best choice, it is a full-featured multi-chain wallet, very user-friendly The operation will make you get started quickly. At the same time, the volunteers have also prepared video tutorials for you. You can view them through the telegram subscription group. The following is the link

Admin: After I get the airdrop, how do I activate it in the game?

William: Yes, first you need to register a game account, ask your friends for a link, then complete the registration, and then download the installation package, you can log in to the game, and after you get the airdrop, you need to copy the airdrop code to the game Deactivate it and get it in the store-my hero-NFT airdrop, and you can also get all the above video tutorials through the telegram subscription group, good luck.

Admin: Are there any recent milestones for MetaHero?

William: Yes, there are many recent milestones. We not only launched airdrop activities with VAEX exchange and Silicoin, and the World Blockchain Foundation invested in MetaHero to provide incubation and financial support for all guilds around the world. The United States, China, South Korea, Japan, France, etc.) guilds began to dominate the list one after another, and all players saw the combat power rankings of players from various countries. This is a global game, not a corner. MetaHero is incomparable to those Ponzi bubble dog chain games on the market in the past!IMG_256

In addition, we have also welcomed an important partner. They are a decentralized multi-chain digital wallet that provides one-stop digital asset management services for global users. Yes, it is Bitkeep Wallet. Currently, users Nearly 5 million, covering 168 countries, the cooperation between the two parties is carried out based on the DAO community, which will bring huge user traffic growth to MetaHero, which is the result we all look forward to.

Admin: Mr. Smith, the starring agent of The Matrix, said that MetaHero is more like a metaverse ecology, a metaverse based on games. What do you think of this?

William: Yes, MetaHero is a brand-new metaverse ecosystem. Players can not only participate in chain games to gain gold income, but also freely trade NFT, participate in DAO governance, use the DeFi platform, and participate in the co-construction of the MetaHero metaverse ecosystem. MetaHero is not only about chain games, MetaHero not only provides players with stable gold income and ecological benefits, as well as the rights and interests of the Metaverse scene that will be opened in the future, it provides more value for the game market and participants, and shares the ecological development dividends of Metaverse MetaHero .

MetaHero Chain Game 2.0 is the key to opening the metaverse ecology, and is also a GameFi 2.0 product supported by top game companies + top venture capital institutions. MetaHero is a classic tower defense chain game based on BSC, integrating “TCG, competition, simulation, mining Mine, Staking, SWAP, DeFi, NFT, DAO” in one, in the game, you can lead your heroes and pets to take risks and breakthroughs together, and achieve each other in the process of Play-to-Earn. Through games, you can own your own NFT and equity tokens on the blockchain. Each player can obtain heroes by opening blind boxes, lucky airdrops, level drops, trading squares, and gifts from friends, etc., and use their own heroes to break through levels in an exciting game environment to get game rewards.

Admin: What advantages does MetaHero have in terms of game profitability?

William: Compared with the games in the chain game 1.0 era, the revenue of MetaHero has been steadily increasing, and there is no so-called revenue ceiling.

The Tokens of MetaHero games are optimized by the chain game 2.0 economic model, and there are many consumption scenarios. Game Tokens are the real hard currency in the game!

For example, for heroes to fight, they must consume physical strength, and synthesis and upgrades need to consume MHC and HSPC. There are many other deflationary scenarios like MetaHero.

Therefore, the more players, the more consumption, and the supply is in short supply, so there is no need to worry about the decline in prices.

The gold income of MetaHero is closely related to your study of the game and your combat power.

As long as you start with high-powered heroes, be patient, and actively promote the guild market, through the premium brought by the rise in currency prices, it is not a big problem for a single account to earn 100 USDT per day, and the gold income will gradually increase.

Admin: For community promotion and operation, what development plans does MetaHero have?

William: MetaHero is deployed in various social media such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord, etc., and is comprehensively promoted. As time goes by, the interaction between communities in various countries is getting closer and closer.

The Chinese community has also set up its own subscription group for translation materials. A group of enthusiastic friends are planting seeds in this long bear market and maintaining the growth of superheroes.

With such a solid operating foundation, what should we worry about? When a bull market comes, MetaHero will surely give birth to N world-renowned super-rich chain game guilds like YGG.

If you don’t sow now, how can the bull market reap?


Admin: What are the long-term development plans for MetaHero?

William: MetaHero started with chain games, not just chain games. MetaHero chain games 2.0 is the key to unlocking the metaverse ecology. DeFi models, NFT transactions, and VR/AR versions will all be launched one after another.

MetaHero’s 3D version of the game is prepared for the metaverse world, not some crudely made 2D quality web games on the market! In the same way, the creation of the NFT trading system, the upcoming launch of the Swap mining pool and the DeFi gameplay are also for this!

Admin: After receiving feedback from the community, there are many projects pretending to be MetaHero. What are your views and suggestions?

William: MetaHero is currently very popular around the world, which leads to being targeted by many criminals. I suggest that you carefully screen out the community and contract addresses. MetaHero does not have any private placement plan, and no official personnel ask you for tokens. Including MHC, HSPC, USDT and more. If you can’t judge whether it is true or false, please get in touch with the community administrator as soon as possible, thank you for your support.


Through the above AMA activities, it is not difficult to find that the strategic cooperation between MetaHero and Bitkeep multi-chain wallet is paying off. More and more community members join the MetaHero game through the Bitkeep community, and more and more MetaHero players begin to use the Bitkeep multi-chain wallet to trade HSPC , which is the first step for ecological win-win, and it is also a solid foundation for the two parties to jointly build the ecology for a long time.

MetaHero has great potential in terms of application scenarios, playability and community, and has already started preliminary construction and has made small achievements. MetaHero will continue to have new ecological cooperation, constantly refresh the boundaries of exploration, and make more possibilities in the future. It is integrating finance, games, and communities and making it a trend, bringing a new imagination to GameFi 2.0 and even the blockchain world. space. At the same time, there are also many advantages and potentials that are being gradually explored by everyone. We have every reason to believe that MetaHero will be the leader in the GameFi 2.0 era.


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